RealSavvy now offers you the ability to promote your business and your listings - both synched automatically with your RealSavvy backend and MLS - on Facebook and Instagram. This is truly your easy button for marketing

Watch this short video or read more below.  

We're excited to unveil our latest marketing feature that allows you to promote your listings or your business on Facebook with a few simple clicks!

With our simple platofrm, you can instantly drive traffic and qualified leads to your website. We sync your business info and give you the power to easily edit your ads before publishing them. We are constantly monitoring ads to ensure that you have the highest conversion at the lowest cost.

How It Works

   • Choose Your Ads

   • Marketing a listing and promoting your business has never been easier or more effective. We pre-populate listings and business data so you can easily make edits and start marketing in minutes.

   • Pick Your Zip Code(s)

   • The platform will immediately show you how many real estate prospects will be reached as you add/remove zip codes. This also allows you to adjust your budget ranges to your liking.

   • Pick Your Budget. No Contracts or Fees.

Our platform is constantly fine-tuned to attract prospective buyers and sellers in the areas you select. We do the hard work of keeping up with algorithms and ad creative so you can focus on relationships in the real world.

Visit Your Dashboard

As soon as the ad is published (minutes after you checkout), you can watch your dashboard to see captured Leads, Views, Engagement, and Clicks. If you are a RealSavvy CRM customer, all leads will automatically be added to your CRM and you will receive a text alert allowing you to be hyper-responsive - the key to lead conversion success.

Getting Started

   1. Click this link, or paste it into your web browser:

   2. Click “Don’t remember your password?”

   3. Enter your email address and click “SEND EMAIL"

   4. Follow the instructions in your email inbox.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, we'll guide you through creating your own personalized world-class marketing program!