Being a real estate agent is a very competitive occupation. Agents need to learn how to promote themselves and their abilities to sell houses quickly and to find new clients.

They also need to know how to take advantage of social media to find people wanting to buy or sell a home. Here are five ways to generate leads on Facebook.

Method #1.) Search for Leads:

One way to find people interested in buying or selling their homes is to use Facebook’s search feature. At the top of the page is a search bar that only generates results from Facebook. To use it, insert the area in which you work, and a keyword people may use to sell or buy a home, like:

• Looking for House

• Buying House

• House Hunting

• Selling Home

To the left of the page, there are filters that you can set to eliminate old or irrelevant posts. They allow you to narrow down the results by naming the city you want to search, who the posts are from, groups to search, and the year the posts were written.

While there will be results from other realtors, you may also find several posts from people looking to sell or buy a house in your area. Make sure to check the date on the posts to find the newest ones before following up with buyers or sellers.

Method #2.) Take Out Ads

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “you have to spend money to make money.” Well, you can do that by taking out ads on Facebook to target people wanting to buy or sell a house.

Facebook gives you the ability to take out targeted ads to find clients in the city in which you work, or you can target them in certain areas of the city. For instance, if you have a house for sale in an upscale neighborhood, you could take out ads designed to get the attention of other people in the same area.

The social media site targets people by using technology to track their IP addresses, mobile devices, and those who tagged the area when they visited it. By taking out targeted ads, you get the advantage of using Facebook’s technology to find clients who may be interested in buying or selling houses.

A targeted ad also lets you customize ads to target:

• Demographics

• Interests

• Behaviors

The ads also let you target audiences from:

• Your customer files.

• Customer app usage.

• Websites people have visited.

• People who have engaged with your website.

The ads allow your audiences to be narrowed or eliminated using certain targeting options. Being able to customize the ads allows you leave out recent buyers or sellers from your list.

Method #3.) Vary Posts on Page

Although photo posts can be effective when trying to sell real estate, don’t rely solely on image posts. Instead, vary them to generate interest among people who are looking to buy or sell a house. By creating interesting posts, people may visit your page regularly, and they may be more likely to hire you.

Along with photos of houses, you could create posts about:

• House inspections.

• Financing a house.

• Buying fixer-uppers.

• Creating curb appeal.

There are hundreds of posts relating to real estate that you could write that will interest people who may be looking for a real estate agent to list their house with or to buy one.

Method #4.) Post Frequently

Don’t let your Facebook page grow stale. Instead, you should be posting on it at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

You can make it easier to post by downloading a program that allows posts to be scheduled. The program allows you to write posts at any time and then schedule the dates and times when they will be posted to your page.

The frequency of posts will entice some of your readers to come back to visit the page, and it sets you up for viral sharing. Viral sharing is when the readers of your posts like it well enough to share on their feed.

Along with the friends that you have on your page, your posts will be exposed to the friends on the pages of people who share your posts. With an average of over 330 friends per Facebook account, your posts could easily reach thousands of people each day.

Method #5.) Create Live Videos

To capture the attention of your audience, create live videos. They could feature a live walkthrough of a new listing or an open house. Live videos on Facebook are some of the most watched content on the site.

In fact, research shows when videos are posted on social media sites, like Facebook, they receive over 1200% more shares than images or written posts. When someone likes your video and shares it, the friends on their feed will also see it, giving you exposure to another audience.

Download the most recent version of Facebook to your smartphone and use the app to stream video. You could do a live house inspection, set up cameras on tripods for a live open house, or tour the neighborhood of a listing.

There are many ways you could use a live video stream to generate interest from both buyers and sellers to find new clients. After the live stream is over, you can save it and post it for others to see who might be interested in the house or the neighborhood.

By using the tools available to you through Facebook, you can find several ways to attract attention and find new clients. You can use their search tool and filters to find people looking to buy or sell houses; you can post targeted ads or stream live videos to introduce properties available for sale.

When you get questions or feedback on your posts, answer the questions and respond to comments regarding your business. Interacting with people could help you gain clients and find people who are interested in seeing the properties you’ve featured on your page, which could lead to a sale.