How to Enhance Your Digital Brand

When you look back on the client relationships you've built over the years, what do you think was the primary factor that made those clients decide to work with you? Was it the brokerage you work for? Your logo? Your killer SEO strategy? Probably not. Chances are, the answer is YOU. Your personality, your expertise - whichever characteristics you possess that attracts people to you.

Now with that in mind, head to your current website (assuming you have one) and ask yourself, "Does my website really convey who I am?" Or is it your stock headshot and a professional bio with a narrow window into who you really are? If you're like most real estate professionals, the latter is likely true.

Having built countless websites for Realtors who are looking to strengthen their individual brand and enhance their digital presence, we're frequently asked, "What should I put on my website to make me stand out?" And the honest answer is always: YOU!! Your website and your digital brand should be a reflection of who YOU are because ultimately, it is you who draws a client to want to work with you. Run-of-the-mill agent headshots and stock-sounding bios are a dime a dozen.

According to Pat Hiban, author of NYT best-selling book "6 Steps to 7 Figures - A Real Estate Professional's Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Destiny," when it comes to establishing your brand, the key is to:

"Build your brand around yourself and not your organization."* 

When it comes to building out your real estate website and formulating your digital brand, focus on what characteristics, values, experiences, and qualities make you stand out. Tell your story, use authentic photography, and make it easy for people to identify with you!