As a realtor, you need listings - but you need to look in the right places for people who are ready to buy. Here are 5 great ideas on where to find new clients.

Listings Idea #1.) Direct Mailing

If people are already thinking about selling, direct mail is a great way to get their attention. That said, I can't think of anything less convincing than just going "Hey, I'm a realtor, let me sell for you!"

Instead, direct mail should feature one of these two strategies.

First, you can highlight the profit of a recent sale in that neighborhood. You can't make misleading claims - and fine print pointing out that the selling price of a home can vary based on individual details is good - but giving customers a genuine sense of what their home might be worth can prompt them to think about selling.

Second, you can provide a market report. This takes more time, so it's best to do quarterly. Useful things to include here are details like average price fluctuations throughout the year and trend lines for the last few years.

You don't want to push too hard on sales in these flyers. Instead, empower potential customers by giving them useful and relevant information, then encourage them to contact you for more details.

Finally, as part of the market report, give them a bit of information on other communities in the area. Pay attention to what most people in a given neighborhood do when deciding where to buy. For example, if sales in one area tend to result in owners downsizing, highlight cheaper neighborhoods they could move to.

Alternatively, if people tend to buy bigger homes after leaving their current area, focus on the better locations. Don't limit yourself to only one kind of recommendation, though - a 60:40 or 75:25 split is more appropriate for most areas.

Be sure to target neighborhoods as narrowly as necessary to get results.

Listings Idea #2.) Boost Your Visibility with Ads

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money - and that's where ad placements like RealSavvy Seller Boost come into the picture.

The most important thing to understand is that you need to be smart about where you put your ads. Realtors get noticed because buyers and sellers are already interested in real estate. That's not true of the wider internet - nobody's going to suddenly decide to sell their home because they saw an ad for a realtor that can help.

You can also put ads on services like Facebook, which allows you to target demographics carefully.

Remember to follow the rules of the Fair Housing Act when placing ads on any service - excluding certain demographics in your effort to get more listings is against the law.

Listings Idea #3.) Work on Divorces

This might sound a little weird, but a great many homes end up getting sold - or bought - after divorces! This is actually a pretty great way to grow your listings and work with new customers.

Unfortunately, there can also be a lot of drama and angst in the process. It's not your job to handle any emotional issues that your clients may have as a result of divorce. Instead, gently but firmly set them on the course they need to solve their housing issues.

There are a few other points to keep in mind when looking for divorce clients. First, you may need to deal with multiple attorneys - and competing desires for assets - during this process. Remain professional throughout this process, and they'll respond well.

Second, it helps to partner up with at least one divorce attorney. They can start sending clients your way, especially if you're good at maximizing value when people have to sell quickly. How you get the partnership is up to you, but many realtors edging into this take potential partners out for lunch.

Listings Idea #4.) Expand Your Sphere of Influence

People tend to do their research before they buy - but most realtors are ultimately selected based on a recommendation from friends or family. Thus, one of the best ways of getting more leads is making new friends.

Try to get known in as many areas as possible.

•  Attend local events.

•  Support the community.

•  Sponsor a softball team.

•  Go to Chamber of Commerce meetings.

•  Go to meetups with other business owners.

•  Participate in school events.

...these can slowly start building awareness of your personal brand in the population. Eventually, the offers will start to come in on a steady basis.

The key word here is 'eventually'. It takes time to get known and trusted by the community, and you can't rely on this as your only method of generating listings. Instead, it's best to do this alongside one or more of the other techniques.

Listings Idea #5.) Create A Home Valuation Site

These sites should be targeted towards your specific markets - though it's okay to have dynamic displays that figure out where visitors are and adjust themselves accordingly.

Unless you're an expert in web design, don't try to do this all yourself. Instead, consider hiring a website developer and a lead generation company to do most of the work for you.

The cost of this ranges from the low hundreds to the low thousands per month, but within a few months, you can expect to earn a robust set of new listings.

In face we at RealSavvy specialize in making full real estate websites for agents like yourself that include a full IDX, beautiful website, and lead management system.

Which of These Is Best For My Business?

That depends on the markets you serve. If you work in a busy, profit-oriented region, you'll probably see good reactions to market analysis mailers. On the other hand, if you work with a lot of tech-savvy Millennials, it may be better to expand your presence online.

There's no way of getting more real estate listings that's appropriate for all realtors at all times. Instead, consider the customer base you have, the customer base you want to have, and how to grow your business best. Don't work harder - work smarter. That's where your real success as a realtor lies.