RealSavvy’s tech platform allows agents, teams, and brokers to customize the Facebook settings for each publicly reachable URL that makes up their website, with a few minor exceptions. Why is this a great idea?

Sharing your home page URL (or any other page, for that matter) on Facebook is an excellent way to reach your natural referral market and let them know about exclusive listings, pocket listings, events, cool homes, your mobile app, your new broker, etc. The opportunities are endless to leverage Facebook to reach friends, family and contacts who may need a real estate agent at some point in time — or who may know other people getting ready to buy or sell.

Why is it a good idea to customize your FB settings? Content posted to Facebook is most often done in the form of sharing a web page address. If you or anyone else share your home page address in a Facebook feed window, Facebook’s crawler will attempt to find a title, description, and image representing that page. This is an imperfect science, and thus the default text and image might not be the most flattering or readable content on your home page. The good news is that with RealSavvy, you can control the content.

Why not customize your FB preview with an engaging image that attracts viewers? How about adding a title and description that communicates why clients should search on your website and engage you as their broker or agent? This is all possible with RealSavvy websites and is only limited by one’s imagination to engage, inspire, entertain, inform and enlighten.

To get started, let’s look at an example of a website that has been customized by the owner to reflect his values and marketing message when posted to a Facebook feed:

The above image is what will appear when this website’s home page address is shared on Facebook. Notice the agent has included an attractive image, an informative title, and a short description about his background. How did they do this?

First, log in to RealSavvy’s builder tool and navigate to your list of available pages:

To see the list of “Pages” on the right, click on “> More Pages” on the left. In this case you want to click on “Home page” (see above) and then on “Main Settings” (see below):

Once you click on “Main Settings” for the Home Page, you’ll see the “SEO FACEBOOK” section. Click on it to see the Facebook settings for this specific page (please do not alter anything in the Main or Content tabs!!):

We've made it incredibly easy to customize your SEO FACEBOOK settings. Only the following information is required to set it up:

OG TITLE: What title do you want to give your FB post? We recommend your name, phone number, or any other pertinent information, up to 8~10 words.

OG TYPE: This is always “website”.

OG URL: This is the web address of your home page. Keep in mind you can customize the FB SEO settings for every page you have, so the URL will change.

OG DESCRIPTION: This should read like advertising copy, up to two lines. If you exceed the character limit Facebook can display in a preview, they will add an ellipse and may cut off mid-sentence.

OG IMAGE: The image you would like to use for the page you are customizing. It should be attractive and engaging. Some folks prefer home exteriors, while others prefer interiors, city shots, skylines, people, etc. It all depends on how you think your core demographic will respond… Feel free to change the image from time to time — or make it seasonal.

After you have decided the text and image you would like to use, don’t forget to hit “Save” in the bottom right-hand part of the screen.

If you plan to do a lot of Facebook sharing, we recommend customizing other pages as well. The most common pages that could be shared are 'Neighborhoods', 'About', 'Team', 'Contact' and 'Blog' — and any custom marketing pages you have created.

There are times when the Facebook servers do not update your information immediately — or the title, image or description are out of date; if that happens to you, please let RealSavvy know by contacting [email protected]. We can use a developer tool to force the Facebook servers to update your information; typically the changes are rolled out immediately, but sometimes Facebook does take time.

In addition to sharing your website’s various URLs on Facebook to your friends, family, and contacts (your natural referral market), there are many other ways in which to leverage Facebook for site promotion. Here are resources that we have found valuable:

Tips for more effective Facebook real estate posts:

23 fresh Facebook post ideas (Inman subscription may be required):

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Other Facebook and social media hints:

• Patience is key with social media promotion; there is no silver bullet or overnight success

• As always, content is king — be a value added resource

• Google Search rewards websites with relevant, original information

• Facebook posts that convey useful data about the housing market, neighborhoods, mortgage application process, down payment assistance, local  school system, outdoor lifestyles, exclusive listings, cool homes, etc. are a good way to attract viewers

• Engaging images attract attention; find photos that inspire, entertain, inform or enlighten

• Don’t have time to post on Facebook or social media?? Find someone who does!!

• Find a broker or agent who you feel is successful and research their Facebook site; what kind of images, articles, and information do their followers like?

• If desired, engage a local social media consultant who can help build your online presence

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