Last minute client gift ideas including a 15% off treat from Loop & Tie

As all Realtors know, while leads are great, referrals are our primary and most predictable sources of deal flow. As such, don't miss the opportunity to thank your most important marketing channel by sending a thoughtful gift. Easy enough right? Well for most of us, no, it's quite stressful trying to pick the right gift. Here are a few ideas that you can still pull off before the Holiday weekend!

1) Loop & Tie - A carefully curated array of unique gifts from which your clients get to choose. Use promo code SAVVY15 to save 15% on instant gifts for your clients!

How it works:

> Preview the different gift options and choose the gift amount starting as low as $25

> Customize a personal message per client one or upload your entire list and knock out your shopping in a minute

> Add your payment and schedule delivery day and time

Nice work real estate pro! And because we appreciate you, here's a special offer from RealSavvy for a 15% discount for Realtors

2) Instacart their favorite spirit or holiday snack

How it works:

Whether its champagne, a great bottle of wine or a charcuterie plate, nothing delights more than a bevvy of beverages and savory snacks. Instacart (and others) will do your shopping and deliver for you in most markets - even booze in many states so don't fret, technology and the on-demand economy are here to make your busy life a little less hectic.

3) Pre-heat that oven and bake your gifts

You likely have cooking plans already, throw in some extra cookies, tiny pies or brownies and deliver them personally. More likely to burn than flambé? No worries, use an on-demand delivery app like Favor or Dropoff to pickup those last minute goodies from your local bakery. Here in Austin, I recommend Sweetish Hill!

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone!

Rick Orr, RealSavvy CEO & Co-Founder