Oh heyyyy, sexy new custom app icons!

Want to replace the RealSavvy app icon with your own branded version to make it even easier for clients and friends to recognize and engage with your app? We're now offering the ability to swap out our app icon with your own custom design!

We've changed up our generic app icon too! When you update your RealSavvy app, you'll notice the new icon pictured here. We think this new look will help your clients identify your home search app more easily and avoid any confusion with the RealSavvy "R."

Meet your new property match email template!

We've given our property match email alert templates a face lift! We recognize there were some issues in the past with how the property matches in the email alerts were linked but we've course corrected to ensure that these updated templates are not just beautiful, but take you to all the listing information you need with a simple click.


Need a RealSavvy refresher? Download your complete guide below and check out our YouTube playlist for a series of video tutorials! 

Download Your RealSavvy Guide

Stay savvy, friends.

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