Why Pinterest? Besides the fact that Pinterest posts rank surprisingly high with Google Search (this is a huge added bonus to creating real estate Pinterest boards), Pinterest gives you the ability to organize all your photos of properties and lifestyle pics in one location. RealSavvy web sites can post properties directly to Pinterest, and then you can add titles and hashtags to help Google Search and other people find your listings or featured properties. A Google search of “Dallas homes with 3 bedrooms” could result in a Pinterest property you’ve posted — and a new lead!! The Pinterest photo of the home you posted is clickable and goes to your web site when selected. This only increases the free exposure you can provide any featured property available on your web site.

A general rule is to post more about lifestyles, not specific properties, as this gives potential clients a good feeling that you understand your city, neighborhoods, amenities and lifestyle choices that they will be making.

For example, over time you can take photos of parks, pools, coffee houses, bike trails, live music venues, restaurants, schools, dog runs, swimming holes, etc. When you publish these on Pinterest, it shows that you understand the various lifestyles that clients will be looking at when purchasing a property. If you’re not in to photography, ask family and friends to give you photos, or else go online to shutterstock.com, iStockPhoto.com, etc. and buy the rights to use photos submitted by other people.

Here are a few Pinterest tips:

1. Start by selling your own neighborhood via a Pinterest board. Post photos of your own neighborhood and of other listings in your area that you love, along with things to do in the neighborhood (think recreational, dining, schools, pets, sports, gardening, hiking, biking, shopping, strolling, volunteering, churches, etc.)

2. Feeling more confident? Add more posts showcasing different areas of your city or area of real estate expertise. Give potential clients the idea that you understand where to look if they say “I want to be able to ride my bike downtown” or “We want to live near restaurants and coffee houses” or “My employer is in the suburbs and I’d like to live close by”.

3. Set Up Boards about home decor and decorating / design ideas that you happen to stumble upon when showing homes. Appeal to your potential clients and their inner designer on Pinterest, and show off photos of home interiors that you like. “Like” other Pinterest users who have interesting content related to home interiors, and don’t forget to “re-pin” their posts — everyone enjoys the complement. Make your top 5 boards your first boards, content on these boards will be most visible. We recommend up to 10 boards total.

4. Set Up a Board for your listings — RealSavvy allows you to do this directly from a listing you pull up in your IDX search. Create hashtags that describe the area, e.g. #AustinTexasHomes , and showcase any listing you love even if it is listed with another broker/agent.

5. Use hashtags (up to 3 — just like on Twitter and Facebook) to extend your posts’ reach beyond those who are already following you on Pinterest. For real estate agents, a hashtag is like a text label that assigns your photo to a category that can also be found via Google Search (this is very important as Pinterest posts rank high in Google Search results!!). For example:

Use hashtags that are specific to your marketing niches and to your city, neighborhood, community, sports, lifestyle, etc. For example, try:

Location hashtags such as #AustinTexas #GeorgetownHomes #LakeHomes #DenverProperty #DowntownLosAngeles #UpperWestSide

Listing tags such as #4bedrooms #topschools #DowntownCondo #InvestmentProperty

Lifestyle tags such as #hiking #biking #coffeehouse #LiveMusic #Decorating #DIY #winetasting #sports #volunteering

6. Consider a Pinterest business account. 

Pinterest for Business gives you extra features and makes it easier to verify your site (this enhances search results and can result in more traffic to your Pinterest site); many options are not available to personal accounts. Make sure to fill out the “About” section — you have two hundred characters — add key words and remember this section can show up in searches, too!! Lastly you may want to claim a Pinterest URL / address — it gives you a URL to promote separately and also Pinterest analytics and optional space for a business logo.

In conclusion, think of Pinterest as a visual résumé that represents knowledge of your real estate market — and all the neighborhoods, schools, listings, hobbies, activities, and events that will influence your clients' decisions.