In today’s digital space people from all walks of life are competing for eyeballs on and off line. However, like with any other marketing discipline, getting the right people to see your real estate listings at the right time is becoming more difficult.

It seems like some agents are making all the right moves and are growing while other agents are lagging behind. The truth to that is, the agents who appear larger than life are marketing to their target audience.

If you are looking for ways to get ahead of the competition and secure your place as a “bigshot” in an oversaturated market, you need to stand out.

1. Get an Awesome Website

If you work for a large agency like Century 21 or Keller Williams, you get a website on the agency's domain.  But, that’s not enough to distinguish you from the rest of the agents at that agency and in your local area.

If you want to stand out, get your own website and market yourself as an individual. This will allow you to develop your own personal brand and advertise using the resources you choose to offer.

Consider hiring a professional to make sure your website looks perfect, operates well on desktop, mobile, and tablets, and is optimized for the search engines. We can help you with that.

2. Create a Freebie

One of the most important things you can do to make yourself stand out is to utilize the effect of “perceived value.” Potential clients need to see that you are giving away a ton of valuable information and expecting nothing in return. This is how the best agents create clients for life.

One good way to do this is through your website. Create a free PDF file or E-book that offers helpful tips to first time homebuyers, or extra things you can do to help your curb appeal during an open house, and so on.

When someone comes to your site they will be prompted to receive free helpful information, all they have to do is enter their email address, so you can send it to them. They receive their value and you receive their email for follow-ups and additional marketing.

To create a next level strategy, build multiple freebies that pre-qualify a person for a specific form of outreach. For example, if you create 5 eBooks:

1.) First time homebuyer’s eBook

2.) Enhance curb appeal to sell

3.) Applying for a mortgage checklist

4.) Buying a fix and flip

5.) Desperate to sell?

Which e-book they choose will help you understand what position they are in with their home buying or selling process. By doing this, you can send them a more customized and unique follow-up to stand out from the email autoresponders everyone else is using.

3. Use “Google My Business” to be Found Easier

Google points free traffic in your area, may as well use it!

In the digital age we live in, everyone turns to google to find something they want. Real Estate Agents are not exempt from this. If you go on your phone right now and google “real estate agents near me,” and you don’t pop up- you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Head over to google my business and claim your business, verify your address and they will mail you a validation card.

Once you have a listing on “Google Local Business” upload some relevant photos of nice homes, neighborhoods, happy clients, etc.

The most important factor here is your reviews - According to RocketDigital, people are 63% more likely to buy from a business with reviews on Google. When a potential client finds you on Google Maps, the reviews will be displayed there. Reach out to current and former clients and ask for a review.

The more five-star reviews you have, the higher up in Google’s search ranking you will appear.

4. Specialize as the “Go To” Person

Krystle Copulos markets himself as a specialist in Downtown Austin property.

When a Real Estate Agent specializes in a specific type of property, client, or neighborhood he/she becomes the “go to” person for that specialty.

If you can call yourself for example, “The Upper East Sides Friendliest Agent” people may call you simply because they want to meet the friendliest agent from the Upper East Side. Once you create your specialty, build all your marketing materials around that as well. This will help you in the long run with your personal brand once your name gets known.

5. Market Like “The Best Agent on The Planet.”

If you compare an agent who appears small and one who appears big, one of the major things separating those two agents is marketing. Are you going to remember the agent whose face is on the grocery cart at the supermarket, or will you remember the agent who showed up to a fundraiser in a Rolls Royce (rented) and donated a sum of money?

Spend a little more on high quality business cards and postcards. Always include your brand on everything you create. Consider hiring a graphic designer to build you a logo that is professional and attention drawing. 

6. Network and Make Great Connections

Everywhere you go in your neighborhood, you are networking. If you are meeting with friends and work comes up in conversation, tell them who you and what you do. There are so many opportunities for you to expand your audience.

When you are out talking about your industry be open and willing to answer related questions and provide value to people without expecting anything in return. This will make people more likely to hire you when they need an agent.

7. Get Active on Social Media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it so much easier for potential clients to reach real estate agents. Make sure you make yourself available to messages and inquiries on Facebook.

If someone has a question at 8pm, they go on Facebook, and see that you are very responsive to messages they might reach out to you instead of waiting till the morning to call an agency. Keeping open and active communication through social media is a major way to stand out as a real estate agent.

Social networking is another way to offer amazing value to prospects. By merely sharing relevant information about the market, your neighborhood, and homes in your area, you are providing value to the people who follow you. There are so many tools like Buffer that make this really easy and quick to do.

One thing that makes some real estate agents look big and others look small is - some agents seem to be selling so many houses and building so many relationships, while other agents never seem to sell a house.

This is because the brilliant agents are showing their sales off to everyone; they are taking pictures of the families in front of their new home while their smiling from cheek to cheek. This is another way you can capitalize on social media. Every little victory you have - share it with the world!

8. Sponsor an Event/Fundraiser

The RealSavvy Crew Makes Friends with the Austin Young Chamber of Commerce

One really obvious and simple way of doing this is by sponsoring a youth sports team. Getting your name on the shirts and a sign on the field will increase visibility as well as trust in your neighborhood.

If it’s a one-time event you may have the opportunity to set up a table and some signs to give out marketing materials or offer giveaways.