Having a beautiful, engaging website with lead capture is the foundation of any successful real estate marketing plan. But having a beautiful website will only go so far unless you are actively trying to drive traffic to your site. Below are 8 simple steps you can take to drive traffic to your RealSavvy website:

1. Are you signed up for a Google local business listing? 

This will allow clients to type in your name to Google Maps and be directed straight to your local business listing (website, phone number, reviews, etc.). To sign up go to business.google.com. There has been an explosion of searching for local businesses via the Google Maps website, so make sure you are listed. Fill out the entire profile and don’t forget to add an introduction or bullet points — your mission statement lets people know who you are in a clear and concise manner:

2. Are people leaving reviews on your Google local business listing? 

The more reviews you have, the higher your site will be ranked in search results. Have previous clients leave you a five star review for the most effective search ranking. Get five reviews and Google will show the top three with your listing. Get 10+ reviews and Inman says your website will get 3X as much activity as sites with no reviews:

Key Takeaways (Published in Inman, 9 FEB 2016):

“Businesses with 10 or more reviews get 3.5 times the attention and 6.5 times the inquiries”

“91 percent of consumers turn to their mobile devices in these moments for help making decisions.”

“Recently, the National Association of Realtors’ Digital House Hunt study found that 69 percent of home shoppers who take action online begin with a local search term.”

3. Start getting original content on your website that you can share on social media!

Are you blogging on your website? Content is King!! Original content will help enhance your Google search result ranking. Use Facebook to promote your blog and drive traffic to your new website — not the other way around. (If you didn’t purchase the blogging option please contact your sales rep at RealSavvy.). Blogging is an easy way to show that you are a real estate professional and you can give advice about all things related to home ownership; we highly recommend it, see below sample:

4. Utilizing Google AdWords to drive traffic to your real estate website. 

Are you interested in advertising? If you commit $10 a day to Google AdWords advertising, Google offers tech support and an AdWords specialist to walk you through the process. Get recommendations on the best ways to leverage Google search technology and align your advertising spend with your RealSavvy SEO key words. Contact RealSavvy if you need to adjust any of these based on advertising campaigns. For more information: https://www.google.com/adwords.

5. Leveraging Facebook to expand your real estate sphere of influence. 

 Are your FB contacts sharing your web site’s URL? This is your natural referral market, so keep in touch with them. To reach as many people as possible, post your web site’s URL from time to time and ask friends and family to click on the link and give you feedback on your new site.

Make sure your posting is “global” so everyone can see it — not just your friends. Facebook is a great tool to drive traffic to your site — you should also post any new listing you receive to help generate excitement and interest among your friends.

You never know who knows someone looking to buy or sell a home, and of course they have friends and family on Facebook, too, so the potential to reach many new clients is virtually limitless by consistently leveraging this social media technique. Sign up for a Facebook business page to use even more advanced paid advertising techniques if you would like.

6. Use RealSavvy Home Boards to share property listings with clients. 

Are you creating property boards and sharing them with clients? RealSavvy allows you to create a visual board and pin interesting properties or search results to it. Then you can share the board with a client and collaborate with them in real time; they can leave comments about the property and you can respond. It’s a convenient way to set up a search for a client and then let them know you have a result set that is easy to access via the iPhone app or your web site. Customers can also create boards of properties in which they have interest and share them with you, the agent. This method creates a highly curated set of properties on which to focus.

7. Share Exclusive/Featured Listings on social media. 

Are you sharing these listings on social media? Posting a new home to Facebook or Pinterest via your website or app is a great way to get the word out that you have a hot new property on the market. Make sure the post is “global” or “universal” so everyone can see it — not just your Facebook friends. Reaching potential new clients via social media is one of the best ways to grow your business organically without having to pay for advertising:

8. Use Pinterest to generate traffic back to your site. 

Pinterest posts rank surprisingly high on Google Search, we recommend leveraging a business account and selecting a vanity URL to highlight your Pinterest boards. Pinterest boards show your customers that you are serious about the local property market, lifestyles, neighborhoods, etc. It highlights that fact that you are an expert in your own community. Thus, brokers and agents can post lifestyle photos as well as listings. Any photo a Pinterest user selects can be directed back to your RealSavvy website:

By having lifestyle and home boards, agents and broker teams can show potential clients that they understand the local property market, understand the lifestyle choices buyers are making, and understand where to best recommend their home search begins.

We recommend creating lifestyle boards with titles such as Home Decorating Ideas, Landscaping Ideas, Parks, Coffee Houses, Nightlife, Recreation, etc. in addition to pinning properties you love to a “Homes I Love” board.

In conclusion, there are many ways that agents, brokerages, and teams can promote themselves and their business via social media — at little to no cost. At RealSavvy, we see the most successful agents leveraging all the social media tools they can in order to expand their Google Search, Facebook, Pinterest, Google My Business, and general web presence. If you have any questions about the techniques mentioned here, please contact [email protected].

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