If you’re a Real Estate Agent and you are not using social media to its full potential, you are missing out on a ton of prospective clients.

Very few agents know how to generate leads online, but if you can do it efficiently - it can become your most lucrative strategy for spreading the word about your expertise.

We’re going to show you how Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can help you create a steady stream of leads.

Facebook Tips for Realtors

Facebook is still the king of the social network and is very beneficial to real estate agents. Having a well utilized and professional looking page is an accomplishment, but it’s not enough. You need to fill your page daily with content that people want to see, content that keeps people looking out for you on their newsfeed.

Here are a few Facebook post examples that will help direct the traffic to your page:

1. Post about Your Neighborhood

Create consistent content for your neighborhood. These posts will show off critical points about the area to prospective buyers and also show that you care about where you are selling homes.

For example, talk about community developments - if the neighborhood is building a new library, drive by and snap a few pictures with the people working there - you could even bring them bottles of water if it's hot. Take those pictures and post them on Facebook talking about how the library will improve the community for new (and existing) residents.

2. Cover Local Events

Show off your town and post about local events near you. Take pictures while you’re there, check-in, and invite your fans to join you. Engage with people who ask you questions about the event and get everyone excited about it.

Doing this shows you are very involved in your community and you are a trustworthy person who understands the area.

3. Share Photos of “SOLD” homes

We are at the point where visual wins every time. Every post you make on any social media should have a photo attached to it. Why not include pictures of happy families, with big smiles, in front of their new home?

Show your fans that you are working hard to find the best buyers and sellers for every transaction and you are busy.  If people see that you are in demand, they will think you are good at what you do - if they think you are good at what you do, they will want to hire you too.

4. Share Video Walkthroughs

Back to the whole visual thing - you can go a step up from pictures and create video walkthroughs of your properties. In a five-minute video, you can walk the prospect through the entire home without them ever having to get out of their seat.

Walkthroughs will not only show the prospective buyer the house; it will show them that you can show a home well and go the extra mile to make sure that people online get to see as much as possible before making the call. Providing value to a prospect is the best way to turn them into a lead.

5. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something of value that you create to get prospects to give you a form of contact information. For example, if you live in Boston, you could create a free E-book titled:

“The Best 3 Neighborhoods in Boston for New Families”

When you share this to Facebook and your fans respond by clicking the link to get the free e-book - it will take them to an opt-in page where they will put in their email address and phone number.

Providing free value is a great way to generate leads because you are giving something to them in return for their contact information. Just don’t over promote this because not everyone will want to give out their personal information.

6. Go “LIVE” during Open Houses

Going live in a great way to give people a more personal look at the property, this can be extraordinarily powerful if you promote it before the listing goes up.

The most significant thing about live video is that prospects can engage with you and this will allow you to generate leads right from the live stream.

Live video also ranks higher on the Facebook feed than other forms of content.

Equally as important as posts are the profile itself. Use these tips alongside good quality to impact your lead generation:

Cover Videos: Even better than a cover photo, a cover video can quickly grab someone's attention. Have a call to action set up to easily convert leads.

Reviews: Never be afraid to ask for a positive review from someone who had a great experience with you. You put a lot of time and effort into providing the best service, and most people will be happy to give you a good review (if you ask).

Messenger: Everything you do on your profile is useless if people can’t quickly reach you. Make sure you respond quickly to messages, so you get the “responds quickly” green button. Reacting fast and often will increase the likelihood that a prospect will come to you with a question instead of waiting to talk to another agent.

Twitter Tips for Realtors

Twitter is a great way to keep contact with your clients. Use this platform in a much simpler way to remind prospects or clients who fell out that you are still here.

1. Share Relevant Information

It always helps to share blog posts or articles relevant to your neighborhood. Find content about home buying, selling, renovations, or investing. You can even set this kind of content to post automatically. Just be sure to engage with your audience and if the post helps someone you will most likely earn yourself a lead.

2. Share News

Twitter is a great platform to share real estate news. If there was a new park built in the neighborhood, tweet about it. It can also be beneficial to share news to protect residents. For example, if there is a story about a lousy contractor going around, share it, and your readers will appreciate you informing them.

3. Tweet Listings

Always follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to sharing on social media. 80% of what you share should be providing value to the reader. 20% should be you asking for something in return.

Don’t just spam your listings up and down the Twitter feed. It’s okay to sprinkle some in there in between the value though.

YouTube Tips for Realtors

YouTube is becoming incredibly popular for real estate marketing. This platform allows you to give the prospect a more in-depth look at what you’re offering. YouTube is an excellent way of pre-qualifying people who are seriously interested in a property. It can be time-consuming, but very lucrative if done correctly.

1. Videos from Listings

If you are sharing videos on Facebook, why not post them on YouTube? You can also embed the videos on your website and sometimes even on the listing itself online. If you can’t do that, you can always link to it from the listing. The more you give to the prospect who is searching for a home, the higher the chances they will reach out to you.

2. Virtual Walkthroughs

Similar to listing videos, you can also share virtual walkthroughs with a voiceover of you showing the house as you would if they were there. In a short video, you can show them everything they need to see to decide to move forward.


Social Media has made outreach so simple it is critical that you know how to use it properly. As cold calling becomes less popular - generating leads through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube becomes more popular.

There are many more ways to market your business on social media, but these tips are a great way to start generating a steady flow of leads.

When posting on social media, it helps to have a full website and system in place where new visitors can signup or browse your listings. RealSavvy can help with that. Schedule a free demo and we’ll show you!