When it comes to luxury condos and real estate in Austin, Platinum Realty stands out as a leader. Platinum approached RealSavvy last year to develop a beautiful real estate website design that represents their brand, showcases their capabilities as a brokerage, and functions seamlessly both on the user experience along with being just as easy to use for their growing team of agents.

Recently, RealSavvy launched V3 of the platform that includes new features, modern aesthetics, and new features like unique agent link share which allows agent's to share any page on the website or app using their specific link and when someone creates an account or inquires about a property using that link, they automatically are assigned to that agent in the CRM. 

We migrated the old Platinum Realty site to include all of these features and more! 

Here at RealSavvy, innovation is what continues to drive our platform forward and enables our clients to create a successful online business strategy using our software. We truly believe in doing things other company's are not and thinking outside of the box while keep the process simple, efficient, and obtainable with the vision of propelling our client's as household names in the industry in their respective market and beyond. 

"Real estate websites no longer have to be a thing of the past. Our technology will enable you to keep your client's engaged and compete with the likes of Zillow and Redfin through collaboration and the data our platform provides." says, CEO & Founder of RealSavvy.

Whether you're a single agent, broker, or team- we have a solution for you. Make sure to inquire or contact us for a free demo of the platform to see how we can create a bespoke package for you. View our best real estate website packages here: https://www.realsavvy.com/for-agents