Ever since the evolution of the search engine, companies have been fighting to be the most relevant search result, and for good reason. According to SEOBook, the difference between being the first result and being the fifth result is 8.5X more traffic to your site! The only problem with getting there is cost and time.

Nearly every agent and broker realize that it is a necessity to have their own personal website, so standing out has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Realtors are conditioned that SEO is the magic bullet, but search engine optimization takes thousands of dollars and months, if not years to become a well-oiled lead capturing machine, and even longer to actually convert them! When 95% of homebuyers are doing their home search online, according to a recent NAR study, winning page one seems like the best way to get in front of potential clients, however; it is important to note that 72% of that traffic is going through a mobile phone.

Should we really be surprised that millennials are using their phone?

Why spend thousands of dollars to get on page one of a search engine, when you should be winning over your prospects with that little black screen that is always within a 5 ft radius. Making sure your website is mobile friendly is a great way to increase your SEO without breaking the bank, but no matter how much you shell out on SEO and keyword optimization, you won't be drawing attention to your prospects' lock screens, and that is where deals are closed.

While search engine optimization is a great way to capture leads, the value ends there. In order to convert them into value-driving business, you need to be in their pockets. Their phone, inbox, social media feed, and notification center are literally at your prospects fingertips at all times, so wouldn’t it make sense to meet them where they’re scrolling and filtering?  

According to Nielsen Norman Group, if you really want to stand out from the pack, then releasing your own mobile app will impress those home buyers and millennials, and when your business is networking, you’d be pretty slick by telling someone to download an app rather than fumbling around trying to give someone a card.

Providing your own mobile application dominates the business card, and is a great way for your prospects to allow you access to the screen they check the most.  Getting access to clients smartphone notifications gives you the upper hand when it comes to winning a deal, and building a lasting relationship. A tech-forward business will resonate with the younger buying population, who are starting to dominate home purchases, and with nearly 44% of the world's population owning smartphones, according to Strategy Analytics, even the lead generation potential is astronomical! Not only does it make a statement, but the conversion of leads who are actively using your app is second to none. Having an app that connects your business to potential clients inboxes, social media, and home screens, keeps you in front of the competition and on buyers mind and more importantly, redefines the new page one.