Normally if you clicked a link in an email or notification from your mobile device it will just open that link within the web browser on the device. This is typical but not the best encounter you can have and can sometimes be difficult to use. Mobile apps are designed for the device and optimized for providing a great mobile experience. A Deep Link opens a user right to the optimized content within the mobile app. It doesn't get better than that!

When the user completes the app download, opens the app, the user is immediately directed to the same piece of content that the user would have viewed in the mobile web. The Deep Link not only looks more optimized but also provides higher levels of app engagement, retention, and conversion.

An even better type of link is a Deferred Deep Link. These are links that are able to take the user to the intended content through the install process. We use tools like Branch to make deep links work when the app is not installed. Branch links will quickly fall back to the appropriate app store or webpage to download the mobile app.

By using Deferred Deep Linking, we can route the mobile app to the customers branded mobile app after the app is installed. This is why using the custom mobile app link we provide for a website is incredibly important. Deferred Deep Linking delivers the greatest continuous experience and brands the mobile app for our customers.