Search like a BOSS!

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Meet Your fub Embedded IDX App

RealSavvy's award-winning IDX is now built into your fub dashboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my current site?

Yes, absolutely whether you use the likes of YLOPO, Luxury Presence or any other vendor, you can setup a separate URL for your RealSavvy embedded IDX or you can point your buyers and sellers to (

Do you offer custom websites?

That's historically our bread and butter baby!! We have built more luxury customizable websites than ANYONE in the industry and continue to offer the easiest to build, lowest cost to own and most powerful SEO websites in the industry. Skeptical? Schedule a demo and let's talk!

Search like a BOSS.

RealSavvy's Embedded IDX fub app is designed to streamline your search process by significantly reducing the number of platforms requiring login credentials or app downloads. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly generate saved searches, facilitate property sharing, and meticulously organize property collections, all while seamlessly integrating it into your Follow Up Boss CRM.

Furthermore, our FUB IDX integration offers you the unprecedented ability to not only monitor client activities but also establish more meaningful connections with your clients. This integration empowers you to enhance your client engagement and service quality to unprecedented levels, setting you apart in the industry.

The future is one.

We firmly believe that agents should spend less time grappling with technology and more time harnessing its power to boost efficiency. Our goal is to streamline your path to becoming a high-producing agent by eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions to various products and services.

Connect with our team for a demo and to get signed up today!

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