Choosing the Right Real Estate Brokerage 

Whether you're a seasoned agent looking to make a broker change or you're just starting your real estate career out as a new agent, finding the right real estate brokerage to best meet your needs can be a challenge. Below are a few things to consider when interviewing and selecting a real estate brokerage to work for.  

The Office vs Working From Home

Do you prefer the sanctity and structure of an office space or do you like the freedom to work from home in solitude? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. By working at the office, you get to learn from other agents on your team and swap best practices. You get the benefit of not having to invest in basic office supplies like printers and mailing supplies and you can enjoy the separation of work and home. Many broker offices have administrative assistants to help you with scheduling and administrative paperwork. 

Commission Splits 

Be sure to have a clear understanding of how a brokerage handles commission splits before signing on the dotted line to join a team. Commission splits will likely vary depending on whether you found your own leads or your broker provided them. 

Lead Generation

Are you looking for your brokerage to hand you leads to work or are you planning on handling your own marketing? A lot of new agents feel intimidated by marketing themselves and are digital marketing novices so having the safety of a provided lead network is compelling. Many brokerages have in-house marketing teams that will handle marketing and lead generation for you so you can stay focused on real estate transactions. If you're a more seasoned agent with a large network, you might not need leads at all and can take on a more independent role with a lower commission split. 

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