Manage and grow your pipeline in real time

RealSavvy's Predictive CRM

Everything you need to know about your leads and clients

Your CRM dashboard allows you to pull daily reports, view where leads are coming from and understand a full picture of your sales funnel at a glance. For brokers, enjoy round-robin lead distribution and view which agents are closing the most business.

RealSavvy Instant Lead Notifications

Track client activity and streamline conversation in real time

Don't miss out on turning a lead into a client! We'll notify you as soon as you have a new lead so you can be responsive at the right time without having to be tied to your desk.

RealSavvy Mobile CRM

Stay savvy with home search analytics

Get instant insight into which properties your clients are viewing and when so you can narrow down the perfect property for them. Have a client who's gone cold? Know right away when they're starting to heat up their search again.


Intelligent lead routing for brokers and teams

Enjoy smart lead routing with the RealSavvy CRM. Route incoming leads to the right agent on your team by a variety of factors including price, neighborhood, zip code, etc. Skip on a human having to manage your lead routing when your tech can do it for you!

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