Ever want to text or call a client but realize they might spending time with their families because it's a holiday? Or, have you ever been with your family and don't necessarily want to be that guy or gal who pulls out their laptop and starts working during a holiday? The importance of being able to work from your mobile goes far beyond just the holidays but even more so the ability to work on the go at any given time provides value not only for the agent but also their respective clients. 

Believe it or not, clients are still searching for homes during the holidays. Whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas people still hit the home search portals in search for the dream home. Serious home searchers have mobile apps downloaded. 

As an agent or broker, one of the top things on your list for helping clients is to provide real value. If you're providing value no matter what day it is, clients will notice.

1. Provide Value with Mobile Apps That Help You and THE CLIENT

Your clients will be searching for homes, even on holidays. Are you mobile? According to research almost 60% of home searches begin on a mobile device. Being able to provide a mobile app for your clients to search on that's branded to you and is as user friendly as other apps they use is important. At RealSavvy, our clients enjoy the benefit of having their own mobile app where clients can search, save, set up alerts, and can communicate with the agent they're working with. 

2. Instant Messaging

The RealSavvy mobile app allows you to send instant messages to connect with clients or even share properties through the message stream where your clients will be able to click on the properties you share and see all the work you're doing for them on behalf of their home search. Messaging through the app rather than calling them or sending them an actual text during a holiday is actually a lot less intrusive and client's will respond with greater appreciation for the work you're doing. 

3. Search Alerts

Setting your clients up on home search alerts through your local MLS is great and all but navigating those old outdated systems is a lot less attractive for clients than see alerts from Zillow. At RealSavvy, agents are able to enjoy the benefit of having a branded email or text alert sent to their clients any time a new property hits the market that's within their search criteria. 

Rather than manually sharing properties with your clients or receiving links from your clients that are from Zillow or Redfin, imagine a world where you can streamline their saved searches, instant message them all through a branded mobile app where you can see all your client's search activity. Home search doesn't have to be complicated. Simplify it with the RealSavvy platform.

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