I'm Ready to Buy! What's Next?

RealSavvy's PPC Program helps you drive traffic to your website and generate more leads.

• We require a $500 minimum in ad spend per month plus an additional $500/month to manage. After the first three months, management fees go up to $1,000/month if you wish for us to continue managing your ad accounts.

• To get started, BUY NOW for $250 free Ad spend or set up a call to review your goals and to collect the information we need to get your ads running.

• We will provide a performance report at the end of each month to show you how much web traffic your ads are generating.

• WHAT WE'LL NEED FROM YOU: a complete understanding of your marketing goals as well as access to your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager accounts. We will walk you through how to provide that access (or get set up if you don't have either platform yet). Depending on your goals, we might need some high-res images from you as well.

Managed PPC Package

$1000per month
  • 3-month minimum purchase
  • $500/month minimum ad spend
  • $500/month management fee