Collaborate with your clients with our Pinterest-style home search

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Best IDX for Home Search

Capture and convert more leads with our modern IDX

Our collaborative home search converts leads by providing users with the modern, social home search experience they crave. Compete with the national search portals directly from your own website by giving users a way to curate and share their custom Home Boards! 

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Grow your sphere of influence

Everything about our platform is shareable! Share listings directly to social media to capture new leads. Share your app with clients so they can share it with their friends. From listings to Home Boards - everything is shareable to grow the number of people connected to you!

Collaborative IDX

Enjoy organized and streamlined communication.

Tired of getting multiple links to homes your clients find online? Use Home Boards to keep listings organized and communication streamlined in one convenient spot. Bonus: we send you an instant text message notification anytime someone pins or comments on a property so you're always in the know.

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