Inman Connect NYC 2019

Grow your real estate business with Real Savvy

RealSavvy Launches New Marketing Platform and Predictive CRM at Inman Connect NYC ‘19

Leading digital marketing and productivity platform for real estate agents launches new features for top producing real estate professionals

Austin, TX –– Jan 25, 2019 –– RealSavvy will unveil its new self-managed Facebook marketing platform and predictive CRM at Inman Connect New York. Known for its unique, collaborative home search IDX, the company will soon offer an all-in-one digital marketing and productivity platform for brokerages, teams, and agents.

“RealSavvy’s mission is to make it easier for agents to work with their clients. We already offer the most customizable real estate websites, apps and IDX in the industry which are now enhanced with fully integrated Facebook marketing and our new, predictive scoring for our already popular CRM,” said RealSavvy’s CEO and Co-Founder, Rick Orr.

The Facebook marketing platform is fully integrated to automatically sync every agent and office, profile and listing information enabling one-click publishing to Facebook. The platform tracks every click, view and, importantly, sends all leads directly to the RealSavvy lead routing and automation to ensure that the best agents are getting the info they need to be immediately responsive without switching between systems or different logins. RealSavvy makes social media marketing simple to level the playing field for all agents on its lead capture and conversion platform.

This is a game changer. As a 20-year real estate agent and recent broker myself, this is something I’ve been using with my office and it produces consistent, real leads that are easy for our team to convert onto our RealSavvy Platform,” said Mr. Orr.

Additionally, the company has added artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to identify and alert agents when a buyer or co-buyers are trending closer to the purchase cycle. “The secret sauce that makes RealSavvy uniquely able to predict buyer behavior is two-fold. One, we are the only platform that has successfully combined lead capture, collaborative search activity, and conversational data. Two, we capture geolocation to score each person in our CRM with the right data to understand the intent. This is a game changer and we are thrilled to be the first to offer this level of functionality,” continued Rick.

About RealSavvy

Founded in 2014, RealSavvy provides custom websites for brokers and agents where they can collaborate with buyers throughout the home search. Buyers can search real estate listings, and then "pin" a home listing they like on a personalized board, which they can share with others involved in their home search. RealSavvy's target customers are real estate brokerages who utilize the company's first-in-class platform to enable their agents to work more easily and efficiently with their clients. Complete with beautiful front end websites, award-winning branded apps, rich home search experience, and a predictive CRM, RealSavvy is built to drastically enhance its customers' ability to capture and convert leads to home buyers and sellers. Visit to learn more.

Company Contact for Questions About RealSavvy

Rick Orr, [email protected]

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