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Platform Tour 📹

Rick breaks it down from the chair of not only the CEO & Founder of the RealSavvy, but also a 21 year real estate broker/owner

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Increase Web Traffic to your Site

Create landing pages that rank in the top of Google search

Zapier Integrations with RealSavvy CRM

Automate tasks between your CRM and other web apps

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FAQs and Lists

Get the answers to some of the most common questions from fellow agents.

Uploading Contacts and Magic Links

Create accounts for you lists of contacts and have them logged into your site friction free.

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Get started with all of the tools and features of the CRM.

Saved Search & Home Board Scenarios

Some common and uncommon scenarios utilizing the saved search and home board features

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Builder Walkthrough

Learn the basics of builder and how to create your first landing page.