RealSavvy's Broker Match

Find the right real estate brokerage for you.

Get the right training. Find the right broker.

Are you ready to make the next move in your real estate career? Join our network of tech-savvy Realtors so we can help connect you with the right brokerage. Whether you're just starting out as an agent or you're looking to switch companies, finding the right brokerage can be daunting. We provide a quick personality screening and tech training for all of our member agents to arm you with the best in real estate tech and get you matched with the brokerage that best fits your needs.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Brokerage

Our Broker Match program consists of the 3 steps below to get you matched with the right real estate brokerage.

  1. 1


    Answer our Broker Match questionnaire to find the best brokerage that suits your personality, experience, and commission split requirements.

  2. 2

    Tech Training

    Once you've joined our network, we'll train you on the RealSavvy platform to make you a tech savvy agent.

  3. 3

    Broker Matching

    Once you've completed our questionnaire and training, we'll match you with the brokerage that best meets your needs.

Is Our Broker Match a Good Fit for You?

Interested in exploring which other brokerages out there are better suited to meet your changing needs as a Realtor? Have you been with the same brokerage for a long time and are interested in a change? Looking to expand your network of real estate

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